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New Project
An arcade machine... Updated September 8, 2009 You all wish you had one...
New Section
Hard to find information. -How to delete your Facebook account. More to come. Updated 16/4-09
New Website Launched!
Read all about the new website.
New Project New Section New Website Launched!

New section "hard to find".

Have you ever been searcing for a solution to a problem you have? Using Google you find tons of solutions that DOESN'T WORK? Well look no furter. Go here.


NEW Arcade PC Project.

Well Arcade PC might be the wrong name for it...

It's actually looking more like a real Mame Arcade Machine.

Read all about it as it comes together here.


New layout on the website.

Finaly I hade the time to remake the website! I've been planing to change the content and direction of this website to a more up-to-date one.

Read more


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