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New Project
An arcade machine... Updated September 8, 2009 You all wish you had one...
New Section
Hard to find information. -How to delete your Facebook account. More to come. Updated 16/4-09
New Website Launched!
Read all about the new website.
New Project New Section New Website Launched!

Finaly! It's up and running...

Finaly I hade the time to remake the website! I've been planing to change the content and direction of this website to a more up-to-date one.


There are some new sections on the new website like 'My Projets' containing my different computer builds. Read more about my projects here.


The 'Links' page has also survived in concept but not in shape. Instead of just making a link to a site I'll use banners (if any) for my favorite sites on the web.

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